Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

Created by Him and for Him

I was blessed enough to have a youth group leader that was so concerned about my spiritual life. She lent me this amazing book some you may have heard of before, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. To be honest with you I got quite emotional after reading the first chapter, a chapter about how everything starts with God. After reading the first chapter, suddenly I felt really small, but not in a bad way, but realizing that there is Someone out there that is beyond greater than me. Someone more important, more powerful and is more deserving to be valued and respected than me. Who am I to be craving power? I can never be more than Him, nothing in this world can even come close to His power. But it doesn’t mean that i’m going to neglect myself because I do not not feel ” worthy” anymore, rather it helps me to focus myself on the thought of “the life I am living right now, is not for my own glory, but it’s for His glory”, this is what makes me worthy. It is not because He needs me to, but it is because He wants me to. I am a nobody, but the hands that created the stars, the hands that created the universe, spent time to create, me. I might not be appreciated in this world but He appreciates me, and to me, that is the biggest appreciation there is.

It’s like I can feel Him looking down on me now, smiling. The thought of making Him proud has always been my desire, and I hope that this second, can be one of those seconds where He can be proud of me, because in this second, I choose Him, and not me. 

Had such an amazing unplanned day today with vinny. Ended up going to pim after buying some stuff for my arch design class and had some quality talks together and had a little curhat time together for a quite long period of time. So much laughter because we are just that stupidly awesome, and we also had a rocking kareoke session in the car on the way back.. main song: love is an open door from the movie Frozen… plain wicked stuff man.. not to mention the tons of food we had for today! Yaaay

"Here" is a personal favorite

Working into the night.


10pm: Well let’s try to make a model of a set of modules showing the structure and materials. 

12am: Well let’s try to make a model of just one module showing the structure and materials. 

1am: Well let’s try to make the framework and maybe a simple trace paper facade. 

2am: Well let’s try to make the framework.

3am: Well let’s try to make part of the framework.

4am: Well let’s try.

5am: Well.



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